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1. Who Can Apply?

A. An individual, i.e. a person of the age of majority or a minor through legal or natural guardian, whether an Indian citizen or a foreign citizen of Indian origin*, resident in India or abroad (in case of minor, age proof and name of natural guardian is required).

Joint application by up to two persons only is permitted. Applicants should be members of the same family, which includes spouse, parents and children.

(*Foreign citizen shall be deemed to be of Indian origin if he/she held an Indian passport at any time or he/she or his/her father or grandfather was an Indian citizen by virtue of the Constitution of India or Indian Citizenship Act,1955. Citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar shall be deemed to be not of Indian origin.)

B. Other Entity(ies), should be a Body Corporate incorporated in India or Partnership firm or HUF or any other Association of Persons (AOP) recognized as a legal entity under any law in India (copy of Certificate of Incorporation or copy of Registration Certificate required).

C. The applicant(s) qualifying for allotment may be required to furnish such documentary evidence as deemed appropriate to satisfy GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. of the applicant’s ability to arrange and / or pay for the price of the said apartment. This however will be required only at the time of allotment.

D. GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. , however, at its discretion can relax any of the conditions as mentioned herein above without assigning any reason.

2. Application Procedure

A person intending to acquire an apartment will have to apply in the prescribed application form contained in the brochure. It is important that care is taken to go through and understand the terms and conditions, before filling in the Application Form.

3. Scrutiny, Rejection and Refunds

Application remaining incomplete or deficient in any respect and/or not accompanied by the required remittance and/or relevant documentary evidence will be liable to be rejected even if so detected during detailed scrutiny.

Applications containing information known to the applicant as false are liable to be summarily rejected and booking shall stand cancelled whenever so detected at any point of time even if agreement has been made. However, upon such cancellation, the installments paid till that date, will be refunded after deduction of applicable service charges which is 5% of the sale value of the total apartments.

If the application money has been paid out of Non- Resident Ordinary (NRO) Account of the applicant, refund of the application money without interest will be made only to that account. If the application money, has been paid by the applicant out of Non-Resident External (NRE) Account of the applicant , the refund will be made only to the NRE Account, provided Banker’s certificate for payment of Application money out of the said NRE account is furnished.

4. Withdrawal of Application/Cancellation of Booking

A. Before Allotment

Applicants may withdraw application money at any time before the issue of Allotment Letter/ Agreement for Sale and may get refund of the application money without any interest after deduction of Rs.25000.00/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only).

B. After Allotment

Applicants are free to withdraw and cancel their booking any time after issue of Allotment Letter / Agreement for Sale but before the possession of Apartment is made over. Total deposits or instalments paid by the allottee will be refunded without any interest after deduction of a Service Charge of 5% of the total sale price of the Apartment and Car Parking (if any). All such refunds to Non – Resident Indians (NRI)/ foreign citizens of Indian origin shall however be made in Indian rupees.

5. Price
A. Under Down Payment Plan

This plan requires 100% payment of the price within 60 days of issue of Allotment Letter/ Agreement for Sale. The discount for down payment scheme will be decreasing at the discretion of GREENFIELD REALTY.

B. Under Instalment Payment Plan

This plan requires payment of allotment money within 30 Days of the issue of Allotment Letter/ Agreement for Sale and respective instalments as indicated in the payment schedule within 21 days of issue of Demand Notices.

C. The prices indicated in the Payment Schedule under both Payment Plan types for a particular booking is firm. No escalation to be charged during the period of construction.

D. Car Parking

Covered Car Parking Facility has been provided in the Ground Floor level of the Complex. All applicants are at liberty to apply for a Car Parking Space at the time of booking. Earmarking of specific car parking space will be done in due course. If , after the above allocation some unallotted car parking space is available , the same will be offered to the Allottees desiring additional car parking apace on first come first serve basis.

6. Delay in Payment of Installments and/or Other Dues

It shall be incumbent on the allottee(s) to comply with the terms of payment in respect of the apartment and/or car parking and/or any other payment under GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS

Payment of allotment/sale for agreement money is required to be made within 30 days of issue of Allotment Letter/Agreement for Sale. No extension of time will be allowed for payment of allotment money.

Payment of instalments and all other dues shall have to be made within 21 (Twenty One) days from the date of issue of the letter to the allottee (s) against the outstanding amounts. In case payment is delayed the allottee (s) shall have to pay interest on the amount due @ 18% per annum for upto three months of delay from the respective due dates.

Delay in payment of Installments and all other dues beyond 90 days shall not be condoned. In case of such delay the allotment may stand cancelled at the option of GREENFIELD REALTY and GREENFIELD REALTY shall refund the money paid by the allotee/s without Interest after deduction of service charge of 5% on the total sale price of the apartment and car park (if any). In case of such cancellation, the allottee/s have no right and/or lien on the apartment.


7. Possession

GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. shall endeavour to give possession of the apartment within SEPTEMBER 2016 plus 6 months grace period. However, if GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. fails to deliver (except due to force majeure) within the said period, the allotttee/s will be paid compensation subject to Force Majeure clauses.

Force majeure shall, inter alia include non- availability or irregular availability of essential inputs , strike by contractor /construction agencies employed/to be employed , litigation, acts of God or such other reasons beyond the control of GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD.

8. Compensation for Delay in Possession

If GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. fails to deliver possession of the apartments to the allottees within the stipulated time (subject to force majeure as stated herein above), then it shall pay compensation to the allotee/s for each apartment effective from the scheduled date of completion at the rate of Rs.3/- (Rupees three only) per sq.ft. per month, till the actual possession of the apartment.

HOWEVER, the allottee(s) shall be deemed to have taken possession of their respective apartment on the 15th day of service of notice calling upon the allottees to take possession and such fifteenth day shall be deemed to be the date of possession, irrespective of the date when the allottee(s) takes physical possession of their respective apartment. The allottee(s) shall be required to take possession of their respective apartment on or before the deemed date of possession after fulfilling all the terms and conditions failing which the allottee(s) shall be liable to pay guarding charges @ Rs.2000.00 per month for the period between the deemed date of possession of the apartment and the date of taking over physical possession pf the apartment by the allottee(s), over and above any other charges which may be payable.

9. Transfer of Apartments

The allottee(s) opting for transfer of their allotted apartments can transfer their respective apartments only after 1 (One) Year from the date of the Allotment Letter after paying the applicable transfer charges.

10. Transfer Fee

A transfer fee @ 3% of the total sale price of the apartment and the car parking space shall be charged by GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. on any allottee opting for transfer of apartment.

Transfers made after GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. has conveyed the apartment in favour of the allottee/s shall not be governed by these provisions.

11. Extra Charges

a) The Allottee/s will have to pay Rs.40.00 per sq. ft. as CLUB membership fees at the time of possession of his/her apartment.
b) The Transformer and the Generator Charges will be paid at actuals 6 months prior to the possession of their respective apartment.
c) The allottee(s) have to pay a legal charge of Rs.14000.00 (Fourteen Thousand) only (stamp duty & Registration charges are not included & are payable at the time of the Conveyance).
d) The Charges for the Formation of Owner’s Association will have to be borne by the Allottee(s) at actuals on a later date.
e) A Maintenance Deposit of Rs.2.50 per sq ft for 24 months (12 months deposit and 12 months adjustable) is payable by the allottee(s) against their respective apartments at the time of possession.

12. Common Areas & Facilities

a. Handing Over:- The Apartment Owners Associations under the West Bengal Apartment Ownership Act, 1972 would be formed and the allottees would take over the management of the common areas and facilities of the respective Towers and all the alottees shall have to become the member of such association.

b. An interest free interim maintenance security deposit per sq.ft. of the saleable area of the apartment will be charged by GREENFIELD REALTY. This amount is to be paid at the time of execution of transfer deed and/or possession.

This deposit will be transferred to the Association and/or the Management Committee after handing over complete possession. This security deposits is to secure due payment and to ensure protection against default in payment of regular maintenance charges, which will be determined and formulated depending on the actual expenses.

13. The Deed of Transfer will be drafted by solicitors/advocates of GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. and shall be in such form and contain such particulars as may be approved by GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. The Allottee(s) will be required tom pay stamp duty , registration charges and other related charges , as may be levied by the Government from time to time , for registration of the deed of transfer of their respective apartments.

14. CLUB (MOHONA) – the recreation facility at Greenfield Oasis
GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. proposes to set up exclusive Resident’s Club within the Complex as outlined in the brochure. The intended facilities of the Club as outlined in the brochure are tentative and may vary at the sole discretion of GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD.
As per normal practise of clubs in Kolkata , the facilities will be on a pay by use basis. The membership scheme is compulsory and is meant for individuals only (i.e. no corporate membership).
If the allottee is a body corporate , it will be required to nominate the occupier of the allotted apartment, who, for all purposes, will be treated as the member of the club.
In the event of sale / transfer of the apartment by the original allottee to another person , the membership of the original allottee shall stand automatically terminated and the new occupier of the apartment shall have the option to apply afresh on the then prevailing terms and conditions and as per the rules and regulations for membership.

15. General Points

a. It is understood that the applicant has applied for allotment of a residential apartment with full knowledge and subject to all the laws/notifications and rules applicable to this area in general, which have been understood by him/her. It is further understood that the applicant has fully satisfied himself/herself about the interest and the title of GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. in the said land on which the apartment will be/are being constructed.

b. GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. will not entertain any requests for modification in the internal layouts of the apartments and external facades of the tower.

c. The layout plans and building plans, specifications of the building(s)/complex and the apartments are tentative and are subject to variation. GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. may effect such variations, additions, alterations, deletions and/or modifications therein as it may, at its sole discretion, deem appropriate and fit or as may be directed by any competent authority. No complain regarding design, layout and accommodation shall be entertained.

d. The expression allotment / agreement for sale wherever used herein shall always mean provisional and will remain so till such time a formal deed of transfer is executed and registered by GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD..

e. After the date of possession of the apartment the allottee shall be liable to pay GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. on demand all rates, taxes, levies, deposits including security deposits or assessments pertaining to the apartment and common areas proportionately.

f. Complaints, if any, regarding specifications, fittings and fixtures, etc. provided in the apartment will be required to be brought to the notice of GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. within 15 days of taking over possession of the apartment. GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. shall not be responsible for any damage caused to the apartment on account of delay in taking over possession and in such event, the allottees will have to take possession of the apartment on 'as is where is basis'.

g. Internal wiring for Electrification will be provided for each apartment. However, the allottee(s) will have to apply to WBSEDCL individually for obtaining supply of power and the meter for their respective apartment. The allottee(s) shall be required to pay the applicable security deposit and/or other charges for the same to WBSEDCL.

h. Application in the prescribed form as contained in the brochure is subject to the information and the terms and conditions stated herein and also in other parts of the brochure including all the documents/inserts, which are contained in and form part of the brochure.

i. The applicants must quote the application number as printed in the application and/or on allotment/ or on agreement for sale, their apartment number as indicated in their Allotment Letter/ agreement for sale, in all future correspondence.

j. The allottee of an apartment agrees to sign and execute all documents and agreements in the standard form as may be provided by GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD..

k. Dispute(s), if any, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts of law at Kolkata only.

l. GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD., however may, at its sole discretion, relax any of the conditions. It also reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason whatsoever.


GREENFIELD REALTY PVT. LTD. and/or its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, members servants shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental or consequential loss, claim, demand or damage suffered by any person due to loss of documents, delay in postal services and any other eventualities beyond the control of GREENFIELD REALTY and the applicant agrees to keep GREENFIELD REALTY and/or its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, members, servants, saved, harmless and indemnified with regard thereto.

The members of the Club shall in the intermittent period take steps for formation of a BODY for taking over responsibility of management of the Club. GREENFIELD REALTY shall assist the club members for setting up the requisite BODY for management of the Club.

I/We accept the above Terms and Conditions.

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