GREENFIELD OASIS - Where souls meet

A very own place for 'Goppo'. Greenfield Oasis rests on the notion of community life.Mohana - the clubhouse at the middle of the project, epitomizes the evergreen love that Kolkata nurtures for togetherness. Kolkata, the city of joy, can never have enough of festivities. Greenfield Oasis comes alive with its community celebrations. Durga Puja, Sindur Khela, Diwali, parties,cultural events galore to keep the premise vibrant and full of life.

'Khela-dula' and kids can never stay apart for long. A raised garden in front of the clubhouse provides ample space for forming a very own Greenfield Oasis premier league. Friendly premise makes sure that in Oasis kids never get bored. A specially designed kids playground promises to keep the kids smiling and happy. So the next community match, celebrate at Greenfield Oasis.



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