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Greenfield Realty : About Us

In all its effort  towards a better Bengal, the Greenfield  group  strives  to fulfill this  vision. It is the  true  path  to  evolution. And it is vision  of  the  future that has  acted as  the  driving  force  for  the  group. With  a  team  of  dedicated  experts,  leading professionals  and  architects  the  Greenfield  Group  has  come  a long  way. Building  dreams  in  concrete, the Greenfield  group  has  been extensively  involved in  beautification  of  the  state  with  plush  residential  complexes,  natural  sojoum and  state-of-the-art  commercial  complex.

Be  it  Durgapur, Santiniketan  or  our very own Kolkata, the Greenfield  Group has left a  lasting  impression  wherever  it  has  journeyed. We  are  proud  to  declare that Mr Dulal Mukherjee, Mr Subir Basu  and other leading architects of Kolkata has been an intrinsic part of Greenfield family. “If you refuse to accept anything but the best out of life, you very often get it…” This motto gave our customers Greenfield Heights. The residential project at New Town has seen immense success. Greenfield Ambition is at New Town again, a residency with a difference. The motto being luxury living, the complex encompasses a club, a swimming pool, a convenience store, a launderette and a Community Centre all within the campus!  

Durgapur can now boast of its very own high profile property Greenfield Residency with a residents club attached to it. Greenfield City, the project in Behala is the biggest residential project ever. From the fast paced city life to the retreat of your bungalow at Santiniketan, Aamar Bari and the Terminus at New Town is on its way to become ultimate joyrides. The Greenfield group is here to fulfill the dreams of millions, and the group will strive for it.